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In three technology LCD TV, LED and plasma technology is top? What is the best technology and long life nhat.Cau this question is the subject of countless debates and even attack another article on the online forum. Therefore, the appropriate question is: What technology best suits you? And on the choice of technology to avoid having to change, modify LED TV.

The following services will offer a few criteria to compare three types of LED TV, LCD, Plasma so that you can more easily choose the product on TV for the family.

The Panasonic Plasma Television, Samsung and LG have produced generally range in size from 42 inches to 65 inches. Particularly, some form of the Panasonic 150 inch but with most people, the maximum size is 65 inch plasma TV.
The LCD TV size from a few inches to 80 inches and is the kind of TV production for the majority of users.
And the LED TV is actually a LCD TV uses LEDs as the light source instead of fluorescent (CCFL) of the traditional LCD TVs. LED TV models today are generally more advanced and have many advantages over LCD TVs use fluorescent lights.

Below is a detailed analysis of the services of pros and cons between LCD, LED and plasma according to the major importance of the TV.

1.Do am

Best: LED TV

Second: LCD TV

BET: Plasma TV

LED TV is the kind of TV that morning today, followed by LCD TV. Some brightness LED TVs up to 100 ft-L (footlambert - the metering equipment). This is a very large number compared to the screen in the theater usually only 5 ft-L. Brighter than plasma TVs CRT TVs but can not get as high brightness LED and LCD TV.
The question is do you need to brightness like that? In a dark room, 100 ft-L is excessive light. In room light (daylight or sunlight), plasma TV will be very difficult to see.

One more aspect to consider is the ability to have anti-glare or anti-glare layer on the screen. The plasma TV has a better anti-glare coating glossy screen (glossy-screen) does not have anti-glare layer of the LCD TV. You should think carefully and choose the most suitable television for family space, possibly the living room brighter LED TVs are appropriate, and then the plasma bedroom would be more appropriate.

2.Do black

Best: Plasma TV

Second: LED TV


Plasma TV is still the best black level today. LED TV can sometimes achieve the totally black (off the LED light) but after watching the movie in general, plasma screen will have better black levels. This is related to the contrast ratio.

3.Ty contrast ratio
According LED TV repair service, this is a quite essential criteria you select the TV black suit

Best: Plasma TV

Second: LED TV


Contrast ratio, is sort of ratio between the darkest and lightest parts of the image, is one of the most important factors in overall picture quality. The display has a high contrast image will provide a more realistic and have the same depth.

Fixed LED TV

In this respect, plasma TV still the most advantageous but there are exceptions. LED TVs use Sharp's Elite backlight technology is capable of doing at the local (local dimming) contrast ratio provide similar plasma TV but the price is very expensive. In addition to Sharp, the company also produced several TV LED Backlight (LED-backlit) is capable of local dimming. However, this type of TV less and less by the cost of production is very expensive. These types of TVs LED TVs cost more than borders (LED-edgelit) and more expensive than plasma TVs of the same size.

A few LED TV capable at local contrast better or comparable plasma TV. But that's only a couple of exceptions also on general aspects, Plasma TV still has the advantage on the contrast.

4.Goc look

Best: Plasma TV

Second: LCD TV screen uses IPS technology


The room was big your TV set like? You and your loved ones often see TV in the corner looked like? If you have a large room or look at the screen diagonal angle of view, there is an important point to note is that the picture quality of LCD TVs impaired when not looking directly at the screen. If the room is small and mostly see the screen face, do not worry about this problem. The LCD displays use IPS screen technology (In-Plane Switching) have better viewing angles than LCD and LED TVs often.

5.Tieu least power consumption

With this criteria, you should consider carefully the area as well as room placement than TV watching position, this is an important factor for you to choose the appropriate size television.

Best: LED TV

Second: LCD TV

BET: Plasma TV

LED TV extent the lowest energy consumption, especially when you turn off the backlight number. In second place is the LCD TV. Plasma TV is the most power consuming types although in recent years the level of power consumption has been significantly improved.

If you want to save power, should choose LED TV. However, choosing LED TV is not saving money by value this kind of TV is more expensive than other types of TV and probably take many years, the savings from lower energy consumption are invited to cover the price difference.

Cheapest 6.Gia

Best: LCD TV backlight type fluorescent (CCFL)

Second Prize: A Plasma TV


The LCD TV uses fluorescent backlight (CCFL) is now the cheapest type of TV. And LED TV, LCD type but also the use of LED backlighting, which is a superior series. Plasma televisions are not cheap but prices are kind of the big screen, if compared to the cheaper size LED TV. You see his lightening techniques for the TV and select the most suitable value for the money.

7.Tuoi Life

Many studies from various sources found very durable flat screen TV. So, here is the factor that the buyer not too worried, especially when they target products from major manufacturers.

TV Technology is the winner?

Do not add up the points first, second and tick above to determine which technology is the "winner". By simple needs of different people. Maybe for you, good screen brightness is the most important factor but with others it is the new black top priority. The TV satisfy both requirements on the existing very expensive (capable LED TV at a local).

Therefore, you do not hear someone say "TV is the best TV brightest" or "black level of LCD TV really is bad, let's boycott them." It is important to determine your needs to see what factors are more important. For example, if you watch TV a lot during the day and has more room window, to choose LED TV.

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