Arirang karaoke - Family

Product Code: 003
Price: 22.000.000   vnđ
Warranty: 12 Month
Origins: Japan
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Arirang karaoke - Family

1. Speakers Bose 301 AV Monitor
2. 568E California Amplifier
3. Early 3600 Arirang karaoke HDMI
4. JBL LSR2310 Sub
5. Micro Wireless EV R-800

Karaoke complete family representative sample for cozy family space. Use Bose 301 Speakers AV monitor, speakers, is like the emperor in the series of the Bose 301. Along with California Amplifier 568E - Queen of Karaoke Amplifier line. In early 3600 HDMI Karaoke Arirang strength parallel use DVD drives and hard drives in storage karaoke songs, movies to customers a choice worth considering when choosing to buy first karaoke. With the assistance of a subwoofer JBL LSR2310 your voice will sing soft, smoother.

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