Ministry Misa blanket bedcover Friendly

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Ministry Misa Friendly blankets pillows, coordinating the parents sharing a bed with the mattress size 1,6 m / 1,8 m x 2m, including:

- 1 drap 1,6 m / 1,8 m x 2m.
- 1 pair blankets 1,8 m x 2m parents.
- 1 baby blanket for a 1.3 m x 0.9 m.
- 2 pillow cover size 50cm x 70cm parents.
- 1 pillow cover size 37cm x 105cm parents.
- 1 pillowcase size is 40cm x 60cm baby.
- 1 pillowcase 25cm x 80cm size hug.

- Go to Sleep Baby, please be assured of my parents chose for me in the bed-sheets for children is love sleep, deep sleep every night and raised after each sleep.

- Regardless of whether your baby sleep in cot or single bed and even cute little baby sleeping with her parents on a double bed, Baby Sleep has the products to meet your own individual requirements.

* About the product:

All products Baby Sleep bed sheets are made of 100% high grade cotton, cool, gentle to baby's immature skin, suitable to the weather, hot and humid climate of Vietnam, not irritate baby skin. Product color stability, no vacuum cleaner, specifically designed with patterns, textures suit young tastes like the cartoon character Doraemon, Angry Birds, Pooh, Mickey Mouse ... or iconic robots, cars, aircraft ...

Baby Sleep Products features exquisite in cut & sew each with varied sizes.

Also, always willing Sleep Baby tailor fit the size requirements of the parents to ensure a perfect bed-sheets to sleep little angel of love.

In particular, parents Sleep Baby you can find cute stuffed animal in the same subject with the bed-sheets to more features adorn beautiful baby to bed.

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